ONE PAID FRAUD: Bitcoin Code review

ONE PAID FRAUD: Bitcoin Code review

Bitcoin Code webIn this review we will explain why you should not invest money with the Bitcoin Code program .

Bitcoin Code emerged as a robot for trading in the cryptocurrency Ethereum. Supposedly, this robot can automatically trade for you and make money for you.

The basic price for the robot is $ 20 a month. Is this investment paying off?

Bitcoin Code is a sham

ReviewsBitcoin Code has been on the market for a relatively long time, and the problem is that he has a generous affiliate program, so you find a lot of fake reviews for him that recommend him for money.

However, if you get down to business and study the actual user reviews, for example on, you will find that the robot actually does not make any money and that his trading strategy seems absolutely chaotic.

Alone the images of the alleged users shown on the website of Bitcoin Code are fake. If you look at our picture, you will see that one of the photos belongs to an American priest, another shows the winner of the New York State Lottery. No doubt Ethereum Code we do not have BTC-Robot users in front of us.

Fake results

TestThe website of Bitcoin Code shows a chart with a curve that should represent the almost linearly growing profits of this trading program.

Here is some experience in stock market trading is required, but believe us that this graphic must be forged. Such a smooth results can certainly not have a trading robot for $ 20.


FAQIn the answers to frequently asked questions about Bitcoin Code, we also learn that the risk of losing money with this trading program is minimal to zero. That’s a lie, of course.

Every stock market trading is risky, and the risk of losing money is never negligible. If someone trivializes the trade risk, he is a liar.

In addition, Bitcoin Code is pushing to use one of its partner brokers, FX Choice or Tallinex, and possibly the BTC-e exchange. These are unregulated brokers that are not authorized to provide services within the European Union, and an exchange that has previously been closed by the authorities, which one can not trust.

If you acted with them, the risk of losing money would be far greater.

An illegal program

And in the end a few simple facts. Bitcoin Code is a program designed to act on your behalf. This means that the provision of this robot equals an investment service, which is a regulated activity in most countries.

Of course, Bitcoin Code has no license and its developers remain anonymous. So here we are dealing with an illegal investment program that would put your money in a serious threat.


Bitcoin Code is an obvious scam that drives you to losses on unregulated brokers. Do not buy it!

If you want to start trading in cryptocurrencies , you should first use a free demo account with a regulated broker.

There you can test without any risk and in peace, if you could succeed in stock market trading.